South America GDP 2022
$3.61 Trillion
Rank4 (2022)

$3.61 Trillion (Nominal) $7.60 Trillion (PPP)

Share (%)
3.5% (Nominal)
4.7% (PPP)
GDP per capita
$8,342 (Rank 5)

GDP of South American Countries

Brazil is the largest economy in South America, followed by Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. These five together hold a huge 90% share of the South American economy. Suriname is the smallest economy in South America.

One economy of South America would have GDP above $1 trillion, and six would have an economy of above $100 billion. In 2022, None of the South American economies are in the list of top ten largest economies globally, and four economies are within the top 50 world GDP ranking.

List of South American Countries by GDP 2022

This is a Sortable list of all South American by their gross domestic product in billions of US dollars at market or official government exchange rates (nominal GDP), according to the International Monetary Fund. 

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