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Country Cassette is a data portal that gathers facts and statistics from Government’s communication channels or indirectly, through local media sources when deemed reliable.

About us Country Cassette

Country Cassette is an independent organisation without political affiliations. Our goal is to make this data more accessible through graphs, charts, analysis and visualizations. We also strive to present the most recent information available, and develop our own projections based on recent growth.

Questions and Feedback

Data Sources and methodology should be listed on each page, but if you require more information or have questions about the website, please feel free to email us at Mane@countrycassette.com


This website was mentioned or used as a source by many international newspapers and magazines including BBC, Time, The Week, Forbes, The Economist, Business Insider, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, The Telegraph, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, China Daily, The Washington Post, USA Today and dozens more.

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